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Motorola MDC500 Dual HD Onboard Camera

Motorola Dual HD Wifi camera: front 1080p and back 720p

On the Motorola MDC500 in-car camera's built-in 2-inch color LCD screen, you can record all dangerous scenarios while driving, observe everything in front of or behind your car, and view live video in full HD resolution. Everything in its field of view is captured by the massive 150° front lens.

The camera has built-in GPS to track position and speed, Wi-Fi to upload and download videos via the mobile app, and intelligent automatic collision detection (Accelerometer).

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Site Reference : RA_TRX154
Manufacturer Reference : MOTO-MDC500

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Motorola MDC500: Dual HD front and rear camera

On the built-in 2-inch color LCD display, the Motorola MDC500 in-car camera displays richly colored, crisp live video in standard Full HD. It captures everything on its radar - front and rear - with a 150° field of view. Wifi HD front and rear camera (1080p) (720p). 

Built-in GPS acts as an ideal witness, recording time and date and presenting a clear log of where and when events occurred. Collisions are recognized by an intelligent automatic collision detection system (G-Sensor), which tracks, records and protects the event. Continuous loop processing allows you to record new footage while overwriting old footage before a collision is detected.

With the included suction cup mount, you can conveniently and securely attach the MDC500 to your windshield, giving you peace of mind while driving.

  • Dual channel in-car camera (front and rear)
  • The front camera is 1080p, and the rear camera is 720p.
  • A 2-inch LCD-TFT screen with a 150-degree front viewing angle is included.
  • 12mm telephoto lens on the rear camera
  • The mobile app has a Wi-Fi feature that allows you to upload, stream and download videos.
  • Location, distance, collision detection and parking mode are all recorded using GPS.
  • The accelerometer automatically detects and records motion.
  • Automatic recording to a micro SD card with up to 32 GB of memory.

Motorola MDC500 camera: contents of the box

  • On-board camera
  • Bracket for mounting the camera on the windshield
  • 24V/12V vehicle charger with 3.5m cable
  • User's manual

Motorola MDC500 front and rear camera

  • On-board camera
  • Bracket for mounting the camera on the windshield
  • 24V/12V vehicle charger with 3.5m cable
  • User's manual
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