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Ozobot Puzzle

Robot Educatif

The Ozobot Puzzle consists of a set of wooden puzzle-like pieces to be assembled together to create a path for the Ozobot Bit educational robots. The path created with the Ozobot puzzle will be complex routes and loops that the ozobot robot will have to overcome.

Ozobot Bit are educational robots that allow your students to learn programming in a fun and entertaining way while meeting various challenges that are useful for learning robotic languages.

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A 96-piece wooden puzzle for Ozobot

Creating puzzles is a very fun activity for children and important for brain work: it will allow you to work on the movements, precision and motor skills of your fingers, among other things. By adding the robotic programming of Ozobot educational robots, an excellent pedagogical aid appears and will help students in learning logical thinking or their introduction into the world of algorithms. The Ozobot Puzzle also perfectly shapes memory, concentration and attention. 

The puzzles in the Ozobot Puzzle unleash the creativity and spatial imagination of children who can create their own routes, compete on race tracks, change the route layout to include more points or reach a destination as quickly as possible, etc... The Ozobot Puzzle Set contains puzzles with different functions (straight lines, turns, turns, turns, pauses, etc.).


Puzzle Ozobot

Ozobot Programming

The puzzles in the Ozobot puzzle enrich programming with Ozobot that can be exploited both in offline and online tasks via the free platform. Through immersive fun, children actively learn the basics of programming while developing their creativity and logical thinking. A set of 96 puzzles with different functions (straight lines, turns, turns, pauses, etc.) allows you to create complex routes and loops that Ozobot must overcome.

The Ozobot Puzzle is an excellent didactic tool to develop strategic thinking, competition with opponents. Ozobot's puzzles work as well on their own as in a team. This Ozobot Puzzle is suitable for children aged 5 and over. Are you feeling creative? Create your own tasks for Ozobot, which the robot can complete by completing the path of the puzzle you have created. With the puzzles,

Ozobot is the smallest educational robot in the world but very intelligent and powerful to learn programming. It opens the door to the world of computer science and education STEAM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) for children. Ozobot's objective? Teach programming languages and approach the world of robotics in a fun, entertaining and engaging way. But also work on logic, memory, algorithms and problem solving.

Ozobot Resources

Find downloadable lessons and resources for Ozobot below:

Vidéo of the Ozobot Puzzle

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