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People By LEGO Education 45030

LEGO Education Preschool
LEGO Education

This 44-piece LEGO Education People set includes 26 LEGO DUPLO figures, ranging from family members, such as children, parents and grandparents, to professions, such as doctor, policeman, cook and teacher.

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Site Reference : RA_LEE017
Manufacturer Reference : 45030

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People: LEGO Education Preschool

Props, such as a camera, hairbrush, guitar, suitcase and wheelchair, encourage children to play scenarios based on people and talk about their gender, age, relationships and what makes them different.

A starter card with 5 fun learning ideas is also included to help teachers get the most out of the classroom activities.

Let preschoolers explore the people who make up families, communities and cultures with LEGO DUPLO figurines, props and fun learning ideas.

In this LEGO Education People kit, you'll find 44 items including 26 DUPLO figures that introduce children to a wide variety of people and occupations that make up families, relationships and communities.

You will also find a "Getting Started" activity card and 4 double-sided inspiration cards .


LEGO Education People

  • 44 elements including 26 DUPLO figures
  • A "Getting Started" activity card and 4 double-sided inspiration cards...
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