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Raimbow Xylophone Rock And Roll It MukikiM

Foldable and transportable multi-function xylophone

Discover the colorful and electric rainbow xylophone Rock and Roll It by MukikiM. The color-coded bars, songbook and learning features allow you to learn and play songs easily and quickly. 7 realistic instrument sound styles (xylophone, tubular bells, Celesta, Glockenspiel, music box, vibraphone and marimba) and several demo songs.

Built-in speaker, audio output, record/playback and volume control keys. You can connect the audio output to your headphones or to an external speaker. Powered by USB (cord included) or by battery (AAA x4 batteries not included). Easy to take out and roll up and put back in your bag or box after playing.

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Site Reference : RA_OZO054
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Rambow Xylophone Rock And Roll It par MukikiM

  • Portable and flexible: The electric keyboard of the xylophone is portable and flexible. Simply tilt and roll it. Ideal gift for children's birthdays or Christmas Day.
  • Colorful song booklet: This colorful song booklet is unique; children can play a whole song by simply following the colors!
  • Suitable for children who are beginning to learn musical notes and rhythms; promotes tactile learning and hand-eye coordination.
  • 22 color bars + mallets: It is standard size with 22 bars and mallets.
  • Powered by USB or batteries: Powered by USB (cord included) or by batteries (AAA x4 batteries not included).
  • Dimensions 25.3 x 6 x 1 inches
  • Recommended from 4 years old

Notes :

  • The xylophone goes into standby mode when it is not played for 3 minutes. Press the key to wake it up
  • Do not use near powerful radio waves.
  • Wrap it loosely. Winding it too tightly may damage the internal connections.
  • Rechargeable batteries should only be recharged under adult supervision.


Xylophone Raimbow Rock and roll it MukukiM

  • Rainbow Xylophone 1x
  • Mallet 2x
  • Color coded song booklet 1x
  • USB power cord 1x
  • User Manual 1x
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