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Robo Kombat Battle pack Ycoo

The Combat Robot

Robo Kombat is a new toy robot thanks to which children will be able to organize fights always in a good mood. Here, it is no longer the Kombat training pack with its punching bag but the "Battle" pack. We don't laugh anymore, each child will be able to take control of his remote-controlled robot and compete with his friends, there will only be one winner. If the child is alone, no problem, he will be able to measure himself against the AI of the second robot, don't underestimate him!

Kombat is an interactive toy robot that can be combined with other Kombat robots to have fun in a group.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL058
Manufacturer Reference : 88052

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Robo Kombat, ready to fight?

It is a new robot fighting toy that Ycoo offers you in its "Battle" pack. They are available in pairs but can also be ordered individually in the Robo Kombat training pack. These are two fighting robots ready to fight in the ring but above all to offer children fun moments to enjoy with their brothers, sisters, friends or relatives.

The Kombat robot has 5 different movement actions that it can perform under your control using its remote control. An infrared remote control for each robot, with which you can choose to move forward, go right, left or if you prefer your next shot to start from the right or left. The arms are very autonomous, which makes combat movements ultra real and destabilizes your opponent. The winning Kombat robot will of course be the one who remains standing, unlike the loser who will lie on the ground.


Combat with the toy Robo Kombat


These new toy robots have the advantage of being used by 4 different children who can each have their own Kombat. They will be able to organize tournaments and define who will be the best fighter! Attention, in order to avoid any interference, it is necessary to have as many different channels as robots playing at the same time. (One color = one channel). Robots have bright LED eyes and produce sound or visual effects like the "Double punch".

The Kombat robots in the battle pack are available in red and yellow or black and white, a random color when you order. The happiness of your children is important to us, so do not hesitate to contact us after your order to send us your colour preferences. Depending on available stocks, we will be happy to send you the desired colour.


In short, Robo Kombat battle pack is:

  • Robots with a powerful fist
  • A battle pack with 2 robots and 2 controllers
  • Infrared controlled robots
  • 5 movement actions (front, front left, front right, 2 fist movements)
  • Eyes that blink with a sound effect every time you hit them

Vidéo of the toy robot Kombat

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