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Robot Kombat Viking Bi Pack Ycoo

2 Viking robots and 2 remote controls

Play as the Vikings and have fun in surreal battles with Ycoo's Viking Robots Kombat. These two remote-controlled robots can move and punch by following your orders. Prepare your strategy, advance and attack! The Viking Kombat Robot Dual Pack features two game modes: versus mode and challenge mode.

To operate, the robots and remotes require 3 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries not included.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL098
Manufacturer Reference : 88059

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42,99 € 35,99 €

Viking Dual Pack Kombat Robot by Ycoo

This new Viking battle toy robot pack by Ycoo contains two Viking-like robots and two remotes to control them and launch your attacks. These two fighting robots ready to face each other in the ring will above all offer children moments to play with friends or family.

The two included Viking robots will allow you to organize unforgettable fights:

  • They move forward, turn around and hit everything in their path
  • They can be controlled by their included infrared remote controls.
  • Their LED eyes light up and they make noise when they knock!
  • Can play up to 4 players simultaneously
  • 2 different colours, Detachable armour
  • 2 game modes: challenge and versus
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries (robot) and 2 AAA batteries (remote control) not included


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