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Robocar Poli Transformable Vehicles

Helly, Roy, Poly et Amber: transformables vehicles Robocar Poli
Robocar Poli

Let children as young as 3 years old embark on the Robocar Poli adventure and play the role of their favourite heroes. These Robocar Poli transformable vehicles are available in 4 models of the most famous characters of the team and appreciated by children : Poli the policeman, Roy the fireman, Amber the ambulance driver and Helly the helicopter.

The vehicles can be transformed into a robot in 1 turn of a hand, the bars are mobile and articulated. Size: 10cm.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL094
Manufacturer Reference : 54209

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15,99 €

Robocar Poli Toys: Convertible Vehicles

If you don't know Robocar Poli yet, then you've missed one of the most popular cartoons for children. Robocar Poli, the story of a team of super heroes, half vehicle and half robot, who rescue the inhabitants of the city and its surroundings. Among the super heroes most loved and appreciated by children, there are 4 emblematic characters :

  • Poli the policeman
  • Roy the Fireman
  • Amber the ambulance.
  • Helly the Helicopter

Choose your super hero and play with his transformable toy version available here. The vehicles transform into robots with movable articulated arms.

Recommended for children from 3 years old, size 10cm.

Robocar poli transformable toy 

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