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Robocar Poli toys

Discover Robocar Poli, Silvetlit's wonderful range of toys directly from one of the children's favourite cartoons of recent years. The Polished Robocar characters are numerous and children love to play Poli, both robot and policeman but also the other heroes of the series without whom Robocar Poli wouldn't have the same dimension.


Find on Robot-Advance the most emblematic Robocar Poli characters of the gang: 


  • Poli the policeman and head of the rescue team
  • Roy the strongest firefighter on the team.
  • Helly the helicopter, small but indispensable
  • Amber the smartest and most intrepid ambulance
  • Jin the receptionist at the rescue center


Véhicules transformables Robocar Poli, quartier général ou encore bus de rangement: Robot-Advance vous propose tous les jouets indispensables à vos enfants pour qu'ils se lancent à 200% dans les aventures de leur dessin animé adoré !


Toys Robocar Poli

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Robocar Poli Transformable Vehicles

Robocar Poli Transformable Vehicles

Helly, Roy, Poly et Amber: transformables vehicles Robocar Poli
Robocar Poli Headquarters

Robocar Poli Headquarters

Robocar Poli Toy: headquarters
Totobus Robocar Poli Storage Bus

Totobus Robocar Poli Storage Bus

Storage bus Totobus Robocar Poli
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