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Your robot companion explorer

Close encounter of the third kind with this RoboQuad branded WooWee!

Its original look and its evolved sensors make it an ideal robot companion.

It is not a chatterbox but RobotQuad is a smart robot equipped with a genuine “sensory care” system.

Sounds, moves, obstacles make your robot act smartly and it can even progress in dark areas.

To fill the whole, its character and its behavior can adapt your preferences.

Who told you the ideal companion was not existing?

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Site Reference : RA_SAB003
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An attentive robot

We did not think we could find so much intelligence and resources behind those little round eyes.

Its infrared vision gives it a perfect perception and knowledge of its environment.

Distance estimates, obstacles detection, night vision (up to 5 meters) make your RoboQuad ready for the adventure with no problem.

Change its mood !

Make its personality evolve! Different options allow to adapt your RoboQuad behavior taking into account its perception.

A movie on its own!

For SFX fans, have a careful look at your RoboQuad.

It is equipped with a remote-control allowing to distantly control your creature

RoboQuad is as well able to live its own life, exploring your home without any problem.

To all technology fans without friends : WowWee RoboQuad is waiting for you!


4 different modes :

• Distant control
• Autonomous
• Surveillance : the robot detects moves and noises
• Stand-by mode
• Behaviors can adapt following user request



Behavior and Mobility :

• 72 available functions
• 2 pre-registered demoes (dance, moves)
• Possible programming up to 40 moves
• Advanced move abilities ( articulated legs and neck)
• Advanced control (direction, moving mode, head moves)
• Different ways to feel its environment and react: Run away, attack, avoid or hide. Choice is yours!



Sensors :

• Light sensor : RoboQuad adapts its behaviour following ambient light
• Sound sensor
• Infrared vision (distance estimates, obstacle detection). 5 different scan modes following your robot behaviour.



Caracteristics :

• Battery : 7 batteries (4xLR14, 3xLR03 non-included)
• Length : 41 cm
• Width : 36 cm
• Height : 30cm
• Remote control included


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