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Sbrick LEGO Control Brick

Brick To Control Your LEGO Constructions

Sbrick is the leading solution for remote control of your LEGO constructions. Imagine a small but ultra-powerful brick to integrate into your LEGO constructions to take control of them remotely with your tablet or smartphone. 

The free Profile designer application will allow children to program action chains, create joysticks and controllers to customize their creations as much as possible.

SBrick is compatible with LEGO Power Functions and LEGO Technic. Warning: a Power Functions cable is required.

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64,90 €

SBrick to control your LEGOs

The SBrick brick has been designed to give free rein to your imagination and bring your LEGO models to life! You can of course build your LEGO but once you have done the experiment is over. By integrating the SBrick into your construction, nothing stops you. Do things you never imagined possible! 

SBrick has been designed for all ages, young and old. Easy to configure, fun to use, SBrick offers an incredible set of features that will encourage you to think outside the box and create a fully customized remote control to control your LEGOs remotely with your tablet or smartphone. A unique experience to live alone or to share with friends and family.


SBrick is revolutionizing the way you play with LEGO. Until now, the only option was infrared, that's all in the past! Connect the SBrick to motors or lights for precise control like never before. 

The SBrick mobile application can be used to control multiple SBricks simultaneously. There is no interference between the different remote controls, so you can organize races and tournaments with several players without having to worry about losing control of your LEGO constructions. 

SBrick is compatible with all LEGO® Power Functions devices and also supports Power Functions' "old-fashioned" power sources and LEGO Mindstorms (NXT) motors. Insert it into your model, connect it and you're ready! ​


Specific features of SBrick brick

  • The box contains an SBrick brick, stickers, warranty card and user manual. 
  • Important: Battery, extension cord, motors not included.
  • Required equipment: phone or tablet or PC with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatibility: iOS 8+ / Androis 4.3+ / Windows Phone 8.1+
  • Range: up to 50 meters



Below you will find the differences between SBrick and LEGO for similar products. You will be able to discover the price differences to start controlling your LEGOs, the price differences for controlling several engines if you have many LEGOs to play with but also the many advantages offered by the application and the SBrick control system.

The SBrick control brick:


  • Is more versatile and compatible
  • Is more efficient and scalable
  • Has an ECOsystem that contains the best of technology

The application is multifunctional and customizable, offers an instruction platform and the possibility to learn easily.


SBrick VS LEGO starting price

SBrick vs LEGO price to start


SBrick VS LEGO price to have fun with 8 engines

SBrick VS LEGO price for 8 engines


Mobile application SBrick VS Application LEGO

Application SBrick vs application LEGO


SBrick VS LEGO: new Control Plus

SBrick vs LEGO : new control plus


  • 1 SBrick
  • Stickers
  • Warranty card
  • User manual
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