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SMPS2 Dynamixel

Power To Dynamixel BUS

This module powers takes accepts up to 20V from a normal power supply, reduces it to the appropriate voltage of the Dynamixel bus and applies it to the bus.

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Site Reference : RA_GEN112
Manufacturer Reference : 902-0034-000

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Shipped within 2 to 8 Days
8,90 €

The module was designed to be used with the Bioloid Power Supply (SMPS) but you can use other power supplies as long as the specs are respected. There are two 3P connector for AX Series Servos and two 4P connector for DX/RX/EX series mounted on the SMPS2Dynamixel.

The power line and communication line are all connected making it simple to add the module in the midst of the Dynamixel bus.
When using the USB2Dynamixel without any controller, this is the recommend solution to power the Dynamixel bus (as the USB2Dynamixel only interfaces with the DATA line). A shrink tube is used to cover the circuit part to protect it from short circuit.




• AX Series Servos (one wire TTL)


• DX/RX/EX Series Servos (RS 485)
• USB2Dynamixel


• 1x SMPS2Dynamixel

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