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Robotis offers the best of general public robots from the latest generation.

Well-known worldwide for its Bioloid Premium, star of programmable humanoids robots, Robotis is also the inventor of the best programmable servomotors on the market: the Dynamixel range.

Dynamixel Servos

Robotis’ Dynamiwel servomotors

High-performing servomotors

Thanks to their performance, liability and precision, Dynamixel servomotors by Robotis established themselves worldwide.
Discover all the functionalities of our servomotors which will please perfectly passionate people and experts to realize performing robotic assemblies.

Modules And Parts ROBOTIS

Modules and pieces by Robotis

High-performing Bioloid

It is one of the biggest advantage or humanoids Bioloid robots by Robotis: they can be personalized and even more performing!
Improve the communication, the mechanic of your robots thanks to many associated modules and pieces: wireless communication, sensors, converter, joysticks, alimentation, controllers…


DARwin the humanoid robot

A robot for education and research

High-performing materials and a 100% open source development allow to study deeply programming and robotic.

Available in big (Robotis Darwin OP) or small (Robotis Darwin-mini) sizes, those humanoid robots represent a unique collaboration between experts from the robotic field and developers in the entire world !

Bioloid kit

Bioloid GP and kits

Competition robots!

The quality of humanoids robots Bioloid is valued worldwide: unfailing pieces and high-performing Dynamixel servomotors.

Discover Bioloid premium kit, beginner kit, comprehensive kit and th Bioloid GP, created exclusively for robotic competitions: a complete software suite for outstanding performances. 

Robotis Dream

Robotis Dream

The range for beginners

Robotis Drem products are kits to assemble especially dedicated to beginners in robotic: robots in kits from level 1 to 4 to approach the basis of this wide field. 
Electronical power, structure of the robot, programming, sensors, inertia and more are part of the game!

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