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Spinner Mad Blaster Double Shoot Silverlit

1 double blaster + 2 LED spinning tops
Spinner Mad

The Blaster Double Shoot Spinner Mad from Silverlit is a blaster on which you can place 2 light spinning tops. Place the two spinning tops, reload and pull the trigger to throw the first one into the arena. Repeat the same gesture to throw the second one. Twice as many spinning tops for twice the chance to beat your opponents.

The double shot blaster measures approximately 31 centimetres and comes with two bright spinning tops.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL083
Manufacturer Reference : 86311

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Blaster Double Shoot by Spinner Mad: One blaster and 2 spinning tops

  • One double shot blaster with 2 spinning tops included ready to play
  • Spinning tops with LED effects
  • Charges the 2 rotors and manages the power according to the number of reloads: then press the trigger at the right time.
  • Compatible with all the Spinner Mad range of spinning tops.
  • Size: 31 cm approx.


  • 1 blaster double shots 
  • 2 luminous spinning tops
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