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Spinner Mad Deluxe Pack Silverlit

2 Blasters + 2 LED Spinning Tops + 1 Arena
Spinner Mad

Spinner Mad by Silverlit are the new generation of spinning tops that are causing a stir among young teens around the world. Spinners with LED lights that you can charge in the blasters: charge again and again to get your spinning top up to speed and pull the trigger to throw it into the arena. Compete against your friends and become the Spinner Mad master.

This Deluxe Pack Spinner Mad by Silverlit contains 2 blasters, 2 LED spinning tops and an arena.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL082
Manufacturer Reference : 86331

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Spinner Mad Deluxe Pack by Silverlit​

Spinner Mad dusted off the traditional spinning tops left behind by the new generation with LED spinning top packs, guns and arenas to challenge your friends and chain hours of combat. 

Spinner Mad's Deluxe pack is designed for two players as it contains 2 blasters, 2 LED spinning tops and a fighting arena. Buy new spinning tops and blasters to expand your collection or take on 4 or more players in Spinner Mad's legendary arena. The spinning tops light up with different colored LEDs to differentiate them.

Snap your spinning top onto the blaster and recharge to give your light spinning top more and more speed. Pull the trigger and may the best man win!

Spinner Mad by Silverlit is recommended for children over 5 years old.


  • 2 LED spinning tops
  • 2 Blasters
  • 1 Arena
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