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Thymio 2 Wireless

Programmable educational robot

Thymio II wireless is a programable educational robot, improved version of the Thymio II; it is controllable and offers more functionality for a complete learning experience.

It will, at a reasonable price, teach robotics and programming to all people of all ages.

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Site Reference : RA_MOB012
Manufacturer Reference : Thymio Wireless

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Thymio II wireless is the younger brother of Thyimio II nevertheless it has not less qualities.  ON the contrary, it is improved and has more qualities for a playful learning. 

Programmable for free

Thymio II Wireless is, like Thymio II, programmable 100% Open source adapted for VPL, Blocky, Scratch and text programming (picture, text or mix or both). 

What’s changing?

First what’s hasn’t change. Thymio II Wireless, like Thymio II can make basic actions like following your hand, avoid obstacles and communicate locally thanks to infrared sensors with other robots next to it. 

What’s better is the fact than with Thymio II you had to connect it with a USB cable to do some actions. Today with Thymio II wireless you don’t need it anymore. So can have a live visual feedback with VLP, and see systematically which part of the program is playing. You also can have a live feedback of the variables in real time (check the sensors’ value, change the motors speed, etc.).

Finally what are new are three new functionalities that were added: long distance programming, long distance control (you can stop you robot at any time, so you have a continuous monitoring of your robot) and long distance  communication inter-robot: Thymio II wireless robots can communicate at a 50m range.

Thymio is also compatible, thanks to mechanical studs, with Lego bricks so you can personalize you robot. You can also draw lines and drawings with the pen holder. Finally, thanks to a small hook in the back, you can hang a small wagon to your robot.

Thymio can also act according six different pre-programmed behaviors (like Thymio II):

  • Friendly:  follows objects in front of him such as your hand for example. (Green)
  • Explorer: avoids obstacles in front of him. (Yellow)
  • Shy: detects shocks, gaps and indicates the direction of gravity. (Red)
  • Obedient: remote-controlled or with buttons (mauve)
  • Attentive: detects sounds and reacts to hand-claps.  (blue)

How to program your Thymio II wireless

First of all you need to turn it on by pressing for few seconds the round button in the center until your robot plays a sound and light up green. 

You can now program your own behaviors with the software Aseba Studio that you can download here. The programming is simple and based on events and charts (inspired from Matlab but simplified).

You can program your Thymio II wireless with text or graphics in Aseba language. 

Thymio II Wireless offers hundreds possibilities of movements, behaviors…  Come, share youre experience and enter the Thymio community by joining the forum here.

Technical characteristics:

  • Brand: Thymio
  • Dimensions: 11 cm x 11.2 cm x 5.3 cm
  • Weight: 270g
  • Wireless module protocol: 2.4GHz, protocol 802.15.4
  • Battery type: Li-Pro, 3,7V, 1’500 mAh, charging with USB cable
  • Battery autonomy: between 3 and 5 hours
  • Charging time: 1 and 3 hours
  • Sensors:
    • 9 infrared sensors 940nm (range of 10cm)
    • 5 buttons
    • 1 accelerometer three axis 
    • 1 thermometer
    • 1 microphone
    • 1 infrared sensor (receptor for remote control)
    • 1 wireless module
  • Actuators:
    • 39 LEDs
    • 2 DC motors
    • 1 speaker
  • Maximal speed: 14 cm/s
  • 1 robot Thymio II Wireless
  • 1 USB cable for charging it
  • 1 dongle for long distance programming
  • 1 starting guide

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