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ThymioAI Thymio 2 Wireless Robot And AlphAI

Thymio 2 Wireless robot to learn artificial intelligence with AlphAI

The Thymio 2 & AI Robot is an interactive and intelligent robot that provides an introduction to programming and Artificial Intelligence. It is possible to program this robot with the AI software, but also with the Aseba software suite, which offers beginners easy and efficient programming. This software suite includes visual programming (VPL), visual and textual programming with Blockly, Scratch programming and text-based programming with Python, and graphical programming with neural networks.

Through these visual languages, creativity, logical reasoning and collaborative work can be developed.

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ThymioAI: Thymio 2 Wireless and AlphAI robot

Discover the ThymioAI Robot, the perfect combination of robotics and Artificial Intelligence! With 6 basic behaviours and 6 programming languages, this robot offers unlimited resources for learning programming and AI.

The dedicated Artificial Intelligence software, AlphAI, allows code-free programming through an intuitive graphical interface, which connects Thymio's sensors to a series of actions such as move forward, backward, rotate, swivel, etc. Students and their teachers can easily train Thymio to perform new behaviours using supervised or reinforcement learning, thus manipulating and understanding the AI.

Thymio has created a set of 5 new activities for a total of 6 hours of immersion, carefully designed by educational experts to cover the fundamentals of AI. Separate teacher and student booklets have been developed for each activity.

ThymioAI is a unique opportunity for schools, teachers and parents to teach robotics in an intuitive and fun way in a no-code mode, to demystify how machine learning works, to prepare students for the skills of tomorrow, to enhance inclusion and diversity in technology careers and to introduce data-driven programming concepts and algorithms.



ThymioAI: contents

  • 1 ThymioAI robot
  • 1 Alphai software activation key
  • 1 USB cable for charging and programming
  • 1 USB dongle for programming
  • 1 start-up guide
  • 1 sticker
  • 5 educational resources.
  • 1 ThymioAI robot
  • 1 Alphai software activation key
  • 1 USB cable for charging and programming
  • 1 USB dongle for programming
  • 1 start-up guide
  • 1 sticker
  • 5 educational resources.

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