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TTS Easi Scope Microscope

Easi-Scope USB or wireless microscope from TTS

The Easi-Scope USB microscope from TTS allows you to set up very easily with your students, activities to observe everyday objects. This microscope is very easy to use, portable to take everywhere and offers up to 43 times magnification.

Plug and Play" device ready for use, connection to the computer via USB plug, integration of an own LED lighting system.

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Site Reference : RA_TTS043
Manufacturer Reference : IT01120

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TTS USB Microscope: Easi Scope

Take a close look at everyday objects with this easy-to-use microscope! This simple, ready-to-use device connects to your computer or laptop via USB and has LED indicators to illuminate objects closely.

Simply hold the Easi-Scope over the object, focus by turning the upper knob, and then take videos or photos using the single control knob with a magnification of up to 43x.




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