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Scratch InO-Bot Robot TTS

Scratch programmable robot

The TTS Group's Scratch InO Bot programmable educational robot has been specifically designed for learning and using the SCRATCH programming language in schools. It is the perfect educational robot to take the first steps in programming in a fun and exciting way, creating various activities.

The Scratch InO Bot robot contains LEDs, a loudspeaker, sensors (Proximity, distance, line tracking...), is rechargeable and can draw shapes by holding a pen.

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Site Reference : RA_TTS037
Manufacturer Reference : EL00483

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Robot Scratch InO Bot TTS

This programmable robot is the most advanced in terms of programming offered by the TTS Group. It can be programmed with the Scratch 2.0 language but also via a mobile application.

The Scratch InO-Bot robot will allow you to support programming lessons by creating fun, fun and stimulating activities: working on the code on the one hand and debugging on the other. Scratch 2.0 launch software and iOS applications are available free of charge.

The robot has a wide range of inputs and outputs to program, which will allow challenges to be launched to children, to build intelligent programs that they can see launched before their eyes.

The robot connects via a Bluetooth connection and offers a two-way communication so that children can view the outputs in real time. The InO-Bot robot shell allows you to see the LEDs light up to identify the proper functioning of the various robot components. 


Scratch InO Bot: features

  • 8 RGB LEDS
  • 2 white LED headlights
  • Loudspeaker
  • Rangefinder sensor
  • 4 corner proximity switches
  • Control by scratch
  • Transparent housing for component identification
  • Rechargeable robot
  • Line tracking sensors
  • Can accommodate a pen for drawing shapes
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