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TTS Tuff-Cam 2 Digital Camera

TTS Digital Camera and Video Camera

The Tuff-Cam 2 from TTS is a digital camera and video camera in one device. Robust, the Tuff-Cam 2 is perfectly suited for long-lasting use by children, is rechargeable and has video editing software that can only be used on a PC.

Easy to use and easy to handle, it has a magnification of 43x and can display images on a whiteboard for viewing by the whole class.

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Site Reference : RA_TTS049
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Tuff-Cam 2: digital camera

Specially designed for children from the age of three, the Tuff-Cam 2 is the perfect combination of a digital camera and a camera with 43x magnification. The robust composition has been specially designed for recurrent use by children.

The Tuff-Cam 2 has a large display and a trigger button to prevent accidental photography when manipulated by little children's fingers.

  • Suitable for children's little hands
  • Images can be easily displayed on an interactive whiteboard
  • Enlargement of objects 43x
  • A button for image capture
  • Digital camera and digital camera
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB docking station included for PC connection
  • 2-inch LCD display - 12 megapixels
  • VGA video 20 frames per second
  • Audio and video
  • 64 MB of internal memory can be extended to 2 GB per SD card for 3800 photos / 75 minutes of video


Tuff Cam 2 TTS

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