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Probotix License Pro-Bot Robot

Single or multiple workstation license

Allow children to take full control of their programming with this Logo programming software.

This Probotix software is exclusively dedicated to programming the TTS Pro-Bot robot. Available as a single-user or multiuser license

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Site Reference : RA_TTS047
Manufacturer Reference : EL00477

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Probotix license for TTS Pro-Bot robot​

Allow children to take full control of their programming with this on-screen logo programming software.

With 3 integrated difficulty levels, Probotix is an excellent tool to help you progress. Available as a single license or as an operating license. Supplied with USB cable.

Key features :

  • Easy to use programming with directional buttons or logo language
  • Up/down pen functionality that can also be demonstrated on the robot
  • Ability to modify and improve on-screen routes when scheduled
  • Possibility to upload your sequences to the Pro-Bot robot
  • Change the background image, or import your own sequences.
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