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TurtleBot3 Burger

Robotis Programmable Robot

The TurtleBot 3 Burger is a complete and advanced mobile platform designed to initiate and deepen experience in the world of mobile robotics. With its open architecture and high-quality components, it is the ideal choice for robotics education and prototyping.

It includes a chassis, two Dynamixel servo motors, an OpenCR ARM Cortex-M7 control board and a Raspberry Pi 3 onboard computer.

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Site Reference : RA_GEN002
Manufacturer Reference : 901-0118-200

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Turtlebot3 Burger, the new Robotis programmable robot

The TurtleBot 3 Burger is equipped with everything you need to start building and programming mobile robots straight away. Its modular design and OpenSource software under Apache 2.0 licence make it easy to learn and innovate in robotics. From autonomous navigation to interaction with the environment, the Burger offers a vast playground for developers, students and robotics enthusiasts.

  • Complete OpenSource Platform: Includes a chassis, two Dynamixel servo motors, an OpenCR ARM Cortex-M7 control board, and a Raspberry Pi 3 embedded computer.
  • Advanced Navigation Capabilities: Featuring integrated sensors for navigation, including a gyroscope, accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, and LiDAR LDS-02 for accurate environmental perception.
  • Scalability: Offers the possibility of adding a multitude of Robotis sensors to increase the robot's intelligence and interactivity.
  • Ideal for ROS learning: Perfect for those wishing to learn ROS (Robot Operating System), a software development platform widely used in research and the robotics industry.

Features TurtleBot 3 Burger - Mobile Platform

  • Programmability and Customisation: Fully programmable via the Arduino IDE, allowing unlimited customisation to suit the needs of the project.
  • 3D Printing and Easy Assembly: Robot parts can be 3D printed or ordered ready to assemble, making TurtleBot 3 accessible to all levels of experience and budgets.
  • Size and Power: Compact and powered by an included battery, this robot is designed to be agile and autonomous in a variety of environments.

The TurtleBot 3 Burger is an excellent educational tool in the field of mobile robotics. Accessible, scalable and packed with advanced features, it provides a solid foundation for exploring advanced robotics and ROS. Whether for education, research or entertainment, the TurtleBot 3 Burger promises an enriching and stimulating experience for all robotics enthusiasts.

Turtlebot 3 Burger

Turtlebot 3 Burger: technical specifications

  • Maximum translational speed: 0.22 m/s
  • Maximum rotational speed: 162.72°/s
  • Maximum load: 15 kg
  • Dimensions: 138 × 178 × 192 mm
  • Weight (with SBC, battery and sensors): 995 g
  • Maximum threshold height: 10 mm
  • Autonomy: 2h30
  • Charging time: 2h30
  • PC connection: USB
  • IMU control unit: 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer
  • LiDAR LDS-02
  • Power connectors: 3.3 V/800 mA / 5 V/2 A / 12 V/ 1 A
  • Development pins: 18 GPIO pins, 32 Arduino pins
  • Several programmable beep sequences
  • 4 programmable user LEDs
  • 1 status LED for the board
  • 1 battery status LED
  • 1 Arduino status LED
  • 2 push buttons
  • 11.1 V 1800 mAh/19.98 Wh 5C Lithium Polymer battery
  • Firmware update: via USB/JTAG
  • Charging adapter :
  • Input: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz AC, 1.5 A @ max
  • Output: 12 Vdc, 5 A
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 
  • 1x OpenCR
  • 8x Waffle-Plate
  • 2x Wheel 
  • 2x Tire
  • 1x HLS-LFCD2
  • 1x Li-Po battery
  • 2x DYNAMIXEL (XL430)
  • 2x USB Cable 
  • 2x Dynamixel to Open CR cable 
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 Power Cable 
  • 1x Li-Po Battery Extension Cable 
  • 1x Ball Caster 
  • 1x USB2LDS
  • 179x assembly tools 
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