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WowWee Mini Robosapien V2

WowWee Toy Robot

WowWee Mini Robosapien™ V2 is there for you.

A robotic toy which works with batteries and follow you everywhere!

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Site Reference : RA_SIL002
Manufacturer Reference : 8191

Out of stock


WowWee’s Mini Robosapien™V2 has arrived.

It has a fluid approach to follow you wherever you go, all the time, thanks to a relaxed walk and articulated arms.

His eyes lit up in the dark helping you to locate it.



- Weight : 0.5 kg
- Dimensions (L x w x h) : 23.9 x 20.1 x 13.0 cm
- Age : +4
- Manufacturer Reference : 8191
- Battery : Yes (2 AAA batteries)
- Battery Included : No

- WowWee Mini Robosapien V2 x1

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