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Z-Wave Smart Plug By NodOn

Z-Wave Smart Plug

This Z-Wave Smart Plug from NodOn has the special feature of detecting power outages and the shutdown of an important electrical device such as the fridge during your absence. The Z-Wave Smart Plug will also allow you to control your lights, heating or any other household appliance remotely.

When ordering, choose type E or type Schuko for this intelligent Z-Wave socket with a high switching capacity of 16A.

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Site Reference : RA_TIL096
Manufacturer Reference : NO-ASP-3-1-00

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49,90 €

Z-Wave Smart Plug that detects power ​cuts

This Smart Plug from NodOn is compatible with Z-Wave technology used worldwide and will allow you to control your household appliances and electrical installations. A quick and easy way to get started in the world of home automation and the connected home. NodOn's Z-Wave Smart Plug is the best way to quickly improve comfort and safety at home.

  • Via your home automation plant, NodOn's Smart Plug informs you of power cuts
  • This intelligent plug has a switching capacity of 16A
  • In case of an alarm, previously configured manually (flood, intrusion or other), this intelligent socket can react and send you notifications

With the Z-Wave Smart Plug, you will be able to:

  • Turn on and off your lights, electric radiators, kettle or coffee machine remotely
  • Receive a warning in case of a fridge or freezer failure
  • Turn off your children's game console remotely after a certain time of day
  • Flashing a lamp if a fire starts or an intrusion is detected

Z-Wave Smart Plug NodOn

Features of the Z-Wave NodOn smart plug

  • Power supply: 230V AC 50Hz (EU)
  • Maximum power: 3,000W (continuous) 3,680W (cyclic) resistive load
  • Intrinsic power consumption < 1W
  • Radio Protocol: Z-Wave® 500 Series
  • Frequency: by region
  • Range: 40M indoors
  • Detection of loss of mains power (compatible home automation system required)

Certifications of the Z-Wave NodOn Smart plug


  • IN61058 2002+AE2008: 2008
  • NF C 61-314 2008+AE2010: 2010 (Type E)
  • DIN 0620 -2-1: 2013 (Schuko)
  • IN301489-1 V1.6.1: 2013
  • IN301489-2 V1.6.1: 2013
  • EN300220-1 EN300220-2 V2.4.1: 2012 V1.9.2: 2011
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