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NodOn® is the new French brand of home automation accessories.

NodOn® has the motivation to open the world of home automation to the greatest number, with products plug and play, with pleasant designs and affordable.

This includes applications such as safety, comfort, or energy saving, which are NodOn® the main vectors of these new technologies.

NodOn® offers a range of fairly large products, which can be defined in 3 categories :

  • Controllers - To act on its environment => switches, remote controls, etc.
  • Actuators - To make home appliances (light, heating, electrical appliances) connected and intelligent, without the need to replace => Smart Plug, recessed module in the walls, dimmer, etc.
  • Sensors - feel the environment => temperature, CO2, VOCs, smoke, etc.
NodOn temperature sensor

Temperature Sensor White NodOn

NodOn EnOcean Sensor
59,90 €
Temperature and humidity sensor nodOn

NodOn Temperature And Humidity Sensor

NodOn EnOcean Sensor
69,90 €
NodOn door and window opening sensor

Indoor Opening Sensor EnOcean NodOn

NodOn EnOcean Sensor
59,90 €
EnOcean 2 channels Relay Switch NodOn

EnOcean Relay Switch 2 channels

Relay Switch NodOn
59,90 €
EnOcean relay switch 1 channel NodOn

EnOcean 1 Channel Relay Switch

NodOn Relay Switch - Dry Contact
59,90 €
EnOcean roller shutter module NodOn

EnOcean Roller Shutter Module

NodOn Relay Switch
59,90 €
EnOcean motion sensor nodOn

EnOcean Motion Sensor

NodOn Motion Sensor
69,90 €
Wireless switch card NodOn

NodOn Wireless Card Switch

EnOcean Card Switch
59,90 €
Z-Wave Smart plug NodOn

Z-Wave Smart Plug By NodOn

Z-Wave Smart Plug
49,90 €
NodOn EnOcean Micro Smart plug

Ocean Micro Smart Plug NodOn

EnOcean Smart Plug
64,90 €
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