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Abyx are high-performance connected objects with an unbeatable price-quality ratio. The objective? That everyone can get them, use them and enjoy new experiences that no one should miss.

And to ensure that everyone can enjoy a virtual reality experience, Abyx offers two solutions for less than 10 euros:

  • A 3D virtual reality headset specially dedicated to smartphones to enjoy your favorite movie games and applications
  • A pre-assembled cardboard cardboard in which to slip your phone to enjoy 3D and virtual reality at a very affordable price

Virtual reality is not the only field in which the Abyx brand stands out, since it also offers the famous Hoverboard, a new generation means of transport. To remain true to its quality objective, the Abyx BS70 hoverboard offers the fun driving experience of all its competitors but also and above all a Samsung battery that will allow you to make the experience last longer than with many other Hoverboards.

Hoverboards lose autonomy depending on your driving speed but also on the slope of the ground or its irregularity. This is why the battery plays a crucial role in the experience offered by hoverboards and particularly that offered by the Abyx brand.

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