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Arduino is a chance to learn electronics and programming in an open source universe and with the support of an involved community. The implementation of this process requires of course the purchase of the Arduino card but afterwards the programming software is under a free license and the support is very developed with the existing forums and communities: their cost is therefore 0€.

The advantages of Arduino programming are therefore its low cost, a clear and simple programming environment, many tutorials on the internet, operation on all platforms (Linux, Windows, Macintosh) and many additional components available to go even further!

On Robot Advance, we have chosen to simplify your task by offering you the Arduino Starter Kit. It contains the map, many components and especially a project book in English to help you get started.


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Arduino official starter kit

Arduino Official Starter Kit

Arduino beginners
131,99 € 124,99 €
Arduino robotic arm Braccio

Arduino Robotic Arm Braccio

Braccio Robotic Arm, Controlled By Arduino, 180° Rotation, PWM
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