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The micro:bit card was born in 2015, with the primary aim of being entirely educational: to enable young children aged 11 and over to discover the world of programming in a simple, intuitive and graphic way via an environment similar to that of Scratch. This microcontroller card was initially intended for schools in Great Britain but quickly became a worldwide success with schools but also with individual fans of computers, electronics and programming.

The micro:bit card allows you to create games or applications and can be programmed directly from a computer or mobile device on iOS or Android. It fits in the hand and adapts to all levels of programming since it is compatible with the professional languages Python or Javascript but also with a block interface on Blocky, much more graphic, accessible to novices and therefore easy to learn.

Different brands quickly offered alternative electronic kits specially dedicated to the micro:bit card to launch projects each one as exciting as the next. We can mention for example:


BBC Micro:bit Card And Guide

Single Card Computer Micro:bit By 1, 10 or 300
BBC Micro:bit Card box

BBC Micro:bit Card Box

Card Box Micro:bit HIPS, Black And Transparent Cover
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