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Kitronik Game Zip 64 For Micro:bit

Portable Game Adapter, 64 RGB ZIP LEDs

Kitronik's GAME ZIP 64 card is a retro gaming platform specially created for micro:bit. This platform has a screen, programmable buttons for haptic feedback and much more. This all-in-one gaming platform includes a 64-color ZIP LED display, an integrated sound system, 4 directional buttons or stop points for adding I2C devices. 

Once connected to Game Zip 64, all micro:bit functions remain accessible, allowing the games to continue to use the LED matrix, accelerometers, etc...

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Site Reference : RA_FAR011
Manufacturer Reference : 5626

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Kitronik Game Zip 64: all-in-one game platform

Power is supplied by the 3 integrated AA battery cages, which have been ergonomically placed to serve as handles, making the: GAME ZIP 64 comfortable to hold and play.

Kitronik has produced some examples of games in both MakeCode Blocks and MicroPython that can be downloaded for free from the resources section of the site so that you can start playing immediately. If you prefer to code your own games, Kitronik also offers the ideal platform to develop and test micro:bit games.

Warning: The BBC micro:bit is NOT included / The 3 AA batteries are NOT included.

Kitronik Game Zip 64

Game Zip 64: features

  • All-in-one portable gaming solution for the BBC's micro:bit.
  • 64 Individually addressable ZIP LED display screen.
  • Fully programmable on board sound system, directional buttons, fire buttons and haptic feedback.
  • Pads for adding shoulder buttons or I2C devices.
  • Drive bushings for driving larger LED displays.
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable game.
  • It can also be coded to be a controller for your buggy or robotics projects.
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