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Petoi is the brand that developed the OpenCat, an open source quadruped robot platform, as well as a futuristic programmable robotic dog. Its goal is to make sophisticated, inexpensive and adorable robotic pets.

In 2016, Petoi started as OpenCat, Rongzhong Li's viral open-source robotic pet project. In 2018, the project had a strong Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its first product, the Nybble robot cat, and the product shipped in 2019. Petoi's second model, the robot dog Bittle, received $567k on Kickstarter in October 2020 and began shipping in December 2020.

Nybble Kit Petoi Cat Robot

Open source cat robot
299,99 € 259,99 €
Bittle Kit Petoi Robot dog

Bittle Kit Petoi Robot Dog

Open source bionic dog robot to program
399,99 €
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