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Xtorm is part of the Dutch company Telco Accessories. Founded in 2008 with the idea of providing people with more energy, the brand offers innovative portable power solutions for everyday use. Xtorm offers you the freedom and energy to go where you want when you want. Xtorm products are available on Robot Advance and in more than 60 countries around the world.

Xtorm solar chargers and portable batteries are innovative in terms of both power and connectivity: durable, high-performance and easy to use products. The safety or durability aspects of Xtorm products are crucial for the brand that meets the highest standards during the manufacturing process.

Find on Robot Advance the best sellers Xtorm that will allow you to recharge your mobile devices with solar energy but also to fill your portable batteries to carry this energy wherever you go. The lack of battery power on your devices will only be a distant bad memory!

Power Bank GO 5000 Xtorm

Power Bank GO 5000 Xtorm

5000mAh Xtorm Fast Charging Battery
24,95 €
Xtorm Fuel Portable External Battery 20000 mAh

Xtorm Fuel Portable External Battery 20000 mAh

Next-generation 20 W USB-C output + 2 conventional USB outputs
59,95 €
Solar Charger Xtorm 20W Fuel Series 10000

Solar Charger Xtorm 20W Fuel Series 10000

10 000 mAh battery with integrated solar panel
49,95 €
Solo Xtorm Wireless Charging Stand

Solo Xtorm Wireless Charging Stand

Xtorm PD USB-C Fast Wireless Charger
29,95 €

Xtorm Wireless Charging Pad (Qi)

Induction Charger Fast Charging
69,00 € 39,90 €

Xtorm 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Wirelessly charge all your Apple devices in one place
89,95 € 79,95 €
Xtorm wireless car charger

Xtorm Wireless Car Charger

Wireless car charger
55,95 €
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Rugged 10000 MAH Xtorm portable battery

Rugged 10000 MAH Xtorm Portable Battery

Xtorm waterproof portable battery
59,95 €

Xtorm Power Bank Voyager 26000

External Battery 26,000 mAh
169,00 € 134,95 €

Power Bank Apollo 15000 Xtorm

External battery 15.000 mAh
79,96 € 49,99 €

Xtorm 7 in 1 USB-C charging hub

SD card reader, 4K HDMI port, USB ports, 1000 Mbt/s Ethernet port
89,00 € 64,95 €
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