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Winbot: Ecovacs window cleaner

Impeccably clean windows without the slightest trace of drying, day after day: this is the challenge taken up by Ecovacs' Winbot window washing robots. Attach your robot to the glass surface to be cleaned, press the power button, and it does the rest. 


Equipped with front, rear skids and a central scraper, they wash your windows independently without leaving any marks or scratches. Intelligent navigation, simple operation, discretion and safety are the assets of Ecovacs' Winbot robots.


Winbot Ecovacs robot to wash windows


On Robot Advance, you will find the latest models of Ecovacs Winbot window washing robots: Winbot 950 and Winbot X equipped with a remote control, an intelligent navigation system or a high-performance cleaning system. But also all the accessories necessary to maintain the performance of your Ecovacs robots such as microfibre pads.


A new way to clean your windows without any effort. Everything is automatic, easy and the result will surprise you every time! 

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