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Association Dessine-moi la high-Tech

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It is with great pleasure that we honour today the association Dessine-moi la High-Tech.


Dessine-moi la high-Tech robot Thymio


Dessine-moi la High-Tech is a non-profit association, recognised as being of general interest, created in 2019 by a group of engineer and doctor friends following the illness of the child of one of them. The association supports the fight against paediatric cancers through the levers of new technologies.

Dessine-moi la High-Tech currently has over 150 volunteers working on three missions:

  • Patient comfort
  • Research support
  • Training of caregivers in technological tools

It is on this first mission that Robot Advance plays a role: during the sessions organised every month in 10 hospitals in France, the volunteers of the association Dessine-moi la High-Tech make the hospitalised children play with the Thymio robots, thus allowing them to escape from their daily life for an afternoon.

Thymio educational robots are generally popular with younger children, who can drive them forward by controlling them with their hands, make them follow a course or destroy small wooden towers.


Dessine-moi la high-Tech thymio robot éducatif

Dessine-moi la high-Tech offers children and their families moments of escape and gives them the opportunity to discover technological objects in a hospital setting.

Since its creation, the association has been able to conduct nearly 150 animation sessions in a dozen partner hospitals throughout France and brighten up the daily lives of 1500 children and their families.

Dessine-moi la High-Tech is currently active at the Gustave Roussy Institute and the Trousseau Hospital in Paris, at the IHOPe (Institute of Haematology and Paediatric Oncology) in Lyon and at the university hospitals in Rennes, Nantes, Brest, Blois, Nice and Marseille.

The association needs each and every one of us to continue its missions in hospitals and there are many ways to support them, which you can find on their website. To support this association, click below on the best way for you to do so:

Your support also goes through the virality of the actions undertaken by the association Dessine-moi la high-Tech. Do not hesitate to share their actions via social networks to make this association known to a maximum of people.

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