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Moorebot Scout autonomous robot

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Robot moorebot Scout

Robot-Advance presents you the latest robotics or innovation projects presented on Kickstarter and that you should soon find on sale on the web since they have exploded all the counters in terms of money collected compared to the amount requested to finance their project.

Scout is the world's first autonomous AI-powered home robot that allows you to track, discover and explore your environment. The Scout robot is a great toy for home, pets, programmers and robotics enthusiasts.

robot autonomous scoot moorebot

Moorebot Scout robot: your new friend

Discover below some of the features planned by this new domestic robot. It's up to you to make an idea of the interest that this robot can represent for you and thus decide whether or not to participate in the Kickstarter campaign that ends in 43 days :

  • A dedicated robot that guards your home all by itself, 24/7.
  • A home automation device.
  • A fun mentor in robotic programming.
  • A pet sitter who is completely dedicated to his job.
  • A stylish robot ready for any adventure.

There is not a single camera or robot on the market that can meet all of these requirements.


Robot Moorebot Scoot


Scout robot monitor

  • FHD 1080p camera on wheels with night vision
  • Four wheel drive with Mecanum wheels for omni-directional movement
  • Obstacle avoidance intelligence
  • IP65 waterproofing allows for navigation even outdoors.
  • Motion detection and cloud storage

Exploration mode of the robot

  • 24/7 autonomous patrol: triggered by timer, sound or sensors from the home automation system.
  • Run "Tensorflow" to recognize human bodies and pets.
  • Run the monocular SLAM to navigate and know the position.
  • Detect and avoid obstacles with smart detection and an intelligent path planning algorithm.
  • The Scout robot finds its charging station and recharges automatically.

Programming of the Moorebot Scout robot

Scout is a highly customizable robot that is more than just a programmable robot. It is equipped with amazing new features that open up a whole new world of possibilities for educators, teachers, technology enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants to take it to the next level.

Scout is compatible with the Scratch programming language, which can be used to add new features and learn basic programming skills for STEM education. Scout can run C/C++ programs for advanced developers. Other extension tools can be built by adding skills to the robot. This platform has a lot of potential.

Programmation robot Scoot

  • Explore the graphical programming interface, which is suitable for people learning robotics programming for the first time.
  • Advanced programmers will be able to let their imagination run wild on an open source platform.
  • The 3D printed extension tools that have been developed can be quickly applied to do much more.

Technical characteristics of the Scout robot

This small robot (70mm x 100mm x 110mm - 2.8inches x 4 inches x 4.3 inches) contains highly integrated and feature rich electronics.


Characteristics of the Scout robot

  • Wireless Wi-Fi and BlueTooth connectivity
  • Full HD 1080p video recording and image capture
  • Two-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker
  • Voice or event activated autonomous patrol with automatic charging
  • Four wheel drive with Mecanum wheels
  • Smart navigation including obstacle detection, route planning, cliff detection and more Infrared night vision
  • Cloud-based video clip storage
  • AI-based human and animal recognition
  • Rich in sensors: 9DoF IMU, ToF, light sensor, etc.
  • Playback time is about 2.5 hours, and charging time is about 3 hours.

Technical data Scout

Alexa and Google Assistant compatible robot

Scout is a "smart" robot that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Scout's visual will be played on Alexa Show, Spot and Google screen devices, and voice commands will be used to monitor the robot's movements.


Home automation with the Scout robot

Smart home devices, such as door sensors, will be used to trigger the patrol. When Scout is in its charging station, motion detection is available. Scout will begin recording when it detects a sound. Alexa and Google Home can be paired using the Alexa and Google Home apps for Android and iOS.

Scout has a robust app for iOS and Android. Once Scout is paired, you can use the Scout app to monitor the robot and view video. Scout can be easily connected to the home's Wi-Fi router as an Internet of Things (IoT) system and accessed remotely via a secure Peer-to-Peer connection.

In the app, go to the patrol route you have configured. Scout can be guided to follow a specific route. Meanwhile, the App displays a direction. Give this patrol route a name and allow Scout to patrol it on his own. Scout will alert you if it detects any interest, such as a human body or pets, and will record a 13-second video clip and store it.

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