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3Doodler Create DoodlePad

Grid for 3Doodler creations

If you want to make your best Doodles accurately, then this DoodlePad is ideal. It will allow you to use the grid to make accurate and proportionate 3D creations. This DoodlePad will become the best ally of your best 3D Doodler creations. Only one limit, your imagination!

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Site Reference : RA_TTS158
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DoodlePad Create 3Doodler

This DoodlePad is the tool that was missing to go further and make better Doodles!

With useful grids for precise doodles, the 3Doodler Create DoodlePad provides a flat surface to scribble and create all your designs. It's perfect for use with stencil layers; simply place the stencil underneath your DoodlePad, draw on it, and then lift up your creation after it cools down!

It is compatible with 3Doodler 2.0 and Create! The only thing that limits you is your imagination.

Filament compatibility with DoodlePad :

  • [Compatible] with ABS, PLA, WOOD (back of DoodlePad only), NYLON (for use with PRO stylus only)
  • Not compatible] with FLEXY, Start Plastic (for use with Start Pen only), Copper or Bronze (for use with PRO Pen only).

DoodlePad Create 3Doodler

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