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3Doodler EDU Accessory Kits

Start and STEM 3Doodler EDU Accessory Kits

Discover the STEM and Start 3Doodler EDU accessory kits. A set of accessories and additional versatile activities to go further in your creations with the 3Doodler EDU kits. 

STEM accessories: from articulated hands to geodesic domes, from roller coasters to DNA propellers, students can now use the STEAM activity kit to innovate in 3D with their 3Doodler Start or Create + pens! 

Start Accessories: The perfect addition of 3Doodler to your collection, with an elegant pencil case that can hold all your 3Doodler Start creations in one place. Essential to create beautiful designs, the accessory pack is a perfect addition or complement for any child who already has a 3Doodler Start pen!

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3Doodler EDU Start and STEM Accessory Kits

Choose between the 3Doodler EDU Start or 3Doodler EDU accessory kit to go further in your 3D creations and the activities to do in class or at home. 

Contents of the 3Doodler EDU Start Accessory Kit :

  • 1 DoodlePad.
  • 48 Plastic sticks in 8 different colours.
  • 2 DoodleBlocks packaged in a high quality reusable pencil case that you can use to store and hold your entire 3Doodler Start collection.
  • 1 Activity Guide

Contents of the 3Doodler EDU STEM accessory kit :

  • x1 Silicone mould with 3Doodler balls and sockets.
  • x1 3Doodler roller coaster mold.
  • x2 Scratchproof activity sheets packed with ideas and project plans for each mold.
  • x1 10% discount coupon on filaments.

Among the activities to be carried out with the STEM kit :

  • An articulated hand
  • Your own Roller Coaster
  • A geodesic dome
  • A five-axis arm
  • A tripod card holder
  • A helical wind turbine
  • A double helix of DNA
  • And much more...


Accessory Kit Start 3Doodler EDU

  • 1 DoodlePad.
  • 48 Plastic sticks in 8 different colours.
  • 2 DoodleBlocks packaged in a high quality reusable pencil case that you can use to store and hold your entire 3Doodler Start collection.
  • 1 Activity Guide

Accessory Kit STEM 3Doodler EDU

  • x1 Silicone mould with 3Doodler balls and sockets.
  • x1 3Doodler roller coaster mold.
  • x2 Scratchproof activity sheets packed with ideas and project plans for each mold.
  • x1 10% discount coupon on filaments.
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