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3Doodler EDU Learning Start

3D Doodler Learning Start: 3D pen

The 3Doodler Edu Learning Start Pack is an all-in-one educational and creative kit specifically designed with teachers and for use in the classroom. Available in packs of 6 or 12 3Doodler pens, it will allow you to equip the whole class and to engage in creative projects that will greatly appeal to children.

The cost has also been thought out for scooter schools as you will be able to equip the whole class and work on 3D printing for less than a traditional 3D printer.

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3Doodler EDU Learning Start pack for schools

Fun and engaging hands-on learning: the 3Doodler learning kit is the ideal educational tool for working on STEM topics.

  • Learning by doing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Creative thinking and much more

3Doodler can be used in the classroom by teachers and students in order to diversify and personalize teaching methods, making lessons more attractive and fun. Students are generally enthusiastic about the creative activities.

Each learning kit comes with :

  • 3D pens
  • Lesson plans
  • Classroom equipment
  • Accessories
  • Filament refills

The kit can be used as soon as you receive it: start as soon as you open the box! No complicated software, just hold the pen and start your activities. 3Doodler provides educational material that inspires and facilitates creation. Many tutorials, stencils and lesson plans are available for free on their website.


3Doodler Learning Start Pack 6 3D pens

Teacher’s Kit


  • Teacher’s Checklist x1
  • Welcome Sheet x1
  • Cheatsheet x1
  • 3Doodler Poster x1
  • Activity Guide x1
  • DoodleBlock® Guide x1
  • Troubleshooting Guide x1
  • Start Manual x1
  • EDU Booklet x1
  • Lesson Plans x2
  • Unblocking Tools


Students’ Kit

  • 3Doodler Start Pens x6
  • DoodlePads™ x6
  • DoodleBlocks® x12
  • USB Cables x6

Plastics Kit

  • Start Plastic Red x75
  • Start Plastic Orange x75
  • Start Plastic Yellow x75
  • Start Plastic Green x75
  • Start Plastic Grey x75
  • Start Plastic White x75
  • Start Plastic Mint x75
  • Start Plastic Blue x75


3Doodler Learning Start Pack 12 3D pens

Teacher’s Kit

  • Teacher’s Checklist x1
  • Welcome Sheet x1
  • Cheatsheet x1
  • 3Doodler Poster x1
  • Activity Guide x1
  • DoodleBlock® Guide x1
  • Troubleshooting Guide x1
  • Start Manual x1
  • EDU Booklet x1
  • Lesson Plans x2
  • Unblocking Tools

Students’ Kit

  • 3Doodler Start Pens x12
  • DoodlePads™ x12
  • DoodleBlocks® x24
  • USB Cables x12

Plastics Kit

  • Start Plastic Red x150
  • Start Plastic Orange x150
  • Start Plastic Yellow x150
  • Start Plastic Green x150
  • Start Plastic Grey x150
  • Start Plastic White x150
  • Start Plastic Mint x150
  • Start Plastic Blue x150
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