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Bioloid Beginner Kit

Beginner Kit by Robotis

For robotics fans, the finding is always the same: Lots of beginner kits and high-tech robots are available. 

However when you need a product to ensure a soft transition between a simple motorized construction kit to the latest humanoid robot, there is nothing at all! Robotis wants to change this introducing the Bioloid Beginner Kit!

The answer is instructive because the new serial and intelligent servomotors generation are key factors to Robotis to show their cleverness. A screwdriver and a PC and let’s go!

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Site Reference : RA_BIO003
Manufacturer Reference : 901-0001-400

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Bioloid Beginner kit: a robot for Education and leisure activities

Building lots of different robots from a unique construction kit is now possible. Moreover Robotis proves it is easy to use! This kit allows to acquire a solid knowledge in mechanics and electronics linked to robotics.  As soon as your robot is built, programming gently takes care of the rest. Progressive programming immersion is possible via an intuitive and easy graphical interface as a start. Then you can learn C programming basics with code examples.Take your time and do it the way you wish it to.

Servomotor control directly from your PC via an USB connection is pretty simple. As an example, Robotis is really ambitious with its way to treat and analyze images. You will certainly be amazed! C fans will appreciate to access to registry control of each connected servomotor.

Aware of those key points for the Education, the Bioloid beginner kit can help teaching. The totally free software can be installed an unlimited number of times on several computers.

Introduce AX-12 serial « Dynamixel » servomotors

Each AX-12 servomotor is a modular and intelligent actuator which integrates a gear reducer, a precise DC engine and control in electronics which has network functionalities, all in one box. Despite its small size, it can produce an impressive power and is built with high resistance materials for a safe use. It can adapt its functioning to external environmental conditions such as internal temperature or battery tension. Its position and speed are customizable following a 1024 pace resolution which makes this servomotor one of the more precise of the robotics (position, speed and couple).

This servomotor allows adapting its functioning to external environment conditions such as internal temperature or battery tension. Dynamixel servomotor can alert the system if certain parameters exceed preset threshold (temperature, couple and tension). It can as well automatically react (servomotor switches off, etc.). Its Daisy-Chain communication connection proposes an esay cabling while allowing a 1MBps communication.

Thanks to its distributed control,position, speed plus compliance and couple can be managed in one instruction pack. This allows the main processor to manage lots of Dynamixel with a few resources.

Serial AX-12 « Dynamixel » servomotor specifications

• Weight (in grams) : 55.
• Resolution (in degrees) : 0.35.
• Power supply tension ( in V) : 7 to 10.
• Output couple (in : 12 to 16.5 kg-cm.
• Speed (in sec/60 deg) : 0.269 to 0.196.
• Reduction ratio : 1/254.
• Serial network (TTL) 7343bps~ 1Mbps.
• Clearance : 300°, continuous rotation mode.
• Position feedback, temperature, amperage.


• Micro controller CM-5 (Atmel ATMega128).
• 4 AX-12 serial servomotors (serial control).
• Sensor modules AX-S1 (integrates 3 infrared distance-lighting sensors, a micro and a temperature sensor).
• Rechargeable batteries (9.6V).
• 2 programming software (freeware).
• Power transformer.
• Serial cable (9pin type D).
• Set of chassis parts.
• 4 wheels and its tyres.
• Assembling parts saws and nuts.
• CD-Rom documentation with program examples, videos and so on…

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