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Dual Black Ops Laser Gun

Laser shooting game with targets by Silverlit
Spinner Mad

Discover the new laser pistol game by Silvelit: Dual Black Ops Lazer M.A.D. Two laser pistols and two targets with which you'll launch yourself into crazy games to become the best shooter. No need to reload between shots, develop your accuracy and dexterity with shots of up to 10 meters.

Shoot and aim at the target without ever stopping. Targets are compatible with all other Lazer M.A.D. pistols.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL085
Manufacturer Reference : 86869

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Shooting game Lazer M.A.D Dual Black Ops by Silverlit

Practice shooting with increasing accuracy with the new Lazer M.A.D Dual Black Ops blasters. Place targets at a distance and shoot without any limit up to a range of 10 meters. Trainee shooters will be thrilled and can save time with the unlimited shooting function without reloading. Gone are the days when the blaster had to be recharged, 

Discover for more realism sound and light effects. Targets are compatible with all existing Lazer M.A.D. guns!


Lazer Mad Dual Black Ops


  • 2 mini blasters
  • 2 targets
  • Batteries: 2xAA (per mini blaster), 3xAAAA (per target)
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