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Dynamixel Robotis RX-28 Servo


If you are looking for the most efficient servo for robotics, your search stops here!

Internationally recognized for their performance and features, the Dynamixel RX-28 servos are able to meet the wildest expectations of the robot designer in you!

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Site Reference : RA_BIO011
Manufacturer Reference : 902-0007-001

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Robotis Dynamixel Robot Actuators are high-performance actuators controlled by digital packet communication. They include all the functionality a robot enthusiast may require for controlling joints.

Their integrated controller allows these servo actuators to be daisy chained for simple control of complex assemblies.



Robotis Dynamixel Robot Actuator features

• Networked communication: Dynamixels can be daisy-chained and communicate at up to 1Mbps. Dynamixels that have a unique ID are controlled by packet communication on a bus.
• Precise position control: Offer an excellent resolution of 1024 divisions.
• Powerful feedback: It can provide current position or speed as well as information regarding internal temperature, supply voltage and target position.
• Alarm function: When internal temperature, torque or supply voltage exceeds defined range, it provides feedback about that situation and can automatically correct the situation.
• Compliance Driving: Control the amount of elastic force in position control.
• Torque set up: Torque can be set up by 1023 steps from maximum torque to free run state.
• Low current consumption/high voltage operation: Its efficiency is high because it runs at a higher voltage and improves the performance of your robotic system due to its low current consumption.
• Status LED: It has an LED that serves to provide visual feedback on the state of the Dynamixel.


Dynamixel RX-28 Specifications

• Holding Torque: 390 oz-in (28.3kg-cm) @ 12V
• Speed: 0.167 sec/60° @ 12V
• Operating Voltage: 11 to 12V (12V recommended)
• Operating Angle: 300° or Continuous turn
• RS485 Asynchronous Serial Communication (7343bps to 1Mbps)
• Feedback of Shaft Position, Temperature, Input Voltage & Load
• Ability to specify the Compliance Driving Settings
• Dimensions: 35.6 x 50.6 x 35.5 mm
• Weight: 72g


1x Dynamixel Robotis RX-28 Servo


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