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Dynamixel RX-64 Servo


Torque, speeds that defy competition and reliability well established: the high-end ROBOTIS servos, designed to provide a flawless experience, strikes again with the RX-64.

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Site Reference : RA_BIO018
Manufacturer Reference : 902-0008-001

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The servos have RS485 Daisy Chain serial interface for reliable communication and include a protocol with several Compliance and Status parameters that can be queried and configured at speeds up to 1Mbps. The RX-64 Servo offer up of holding and is the most powerful servo on the RX line of Servos. (if you need higher torque, Robotis has the Dynamixel EX line with over of torque).




• Position and Speed resolution: 1024 steps
• Resolution: 0.3°
• Operating Angle Range: 300°
• Max Current: 1200mA
• Physical Bus Link: 4-Wire, Multi-drop, RS485 @ 1mbps
• Feedback : Position, velocity, torque, temperature, voltage
• Weight: 116g
• Gear Reduction: 1/200
• Holding Torque: 53kg-cm @ 15V , 64kg-cm @ 18V
• Speed: 0.198Sec/60° @ 15V, 0.162Sec/60° @ 18V

Complete Specifications and Manual

• For Complete Servo Specifications and User's Manual, please consult the Robotis RX Series Support Site.

1x Dynamixel RX-64 Servo

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