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Fingerlings Untamed Werewolf

Fingerlings WowWee Toy Robot

Who said the Fingerlings were toy robots for girls? The WowWee brand and Robot Advance offers you models more for boys: the werewolf Untamed Fingerlings. Just like the Panda or Unicorn models, the Direwolf can hang on to pens, bags and fingers and never leave you. They react to gifts, movements and touch to offer more than 40 surprising reactions to discover.

The Fingerlings Direwolf is recommended for children over 5 years old, batteries are provided and you can choose on Robot Advance when ordering the Blizard (White) or Midnight (Blue) Direwolf.

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Site Reference : RA_ING006
Manufacturer Reference : 3961

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Blizzard or Midnight Direwolves​ by Fingerlings

This WowWee toy robot from Fingerlings may seem scary, but make no mistake about it, it will not stop it from becoming your children's best friends. It offers 40 different reactions thanks to the many sensors it is equipped with, which allow it to react to the sounds, movements or caresses of its owner. Surprising and amusing reactions that will seduce children who will soon no longer want to part with it.

Children can take them everywhere with them like pets by hanging them on their fingers, pens, spoons or backpacks to introduce their new friends to all their friends. Children can have fun throughout the day provoking reactions such as growling, wolf howling and many others!


Direwolves Fingerlings WowWee Untamed


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