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Fingerlings Monkey Hugs Plush

WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Plush

The fingerling monkey plush are all soft and smart, children will love them. They are equipped with sensory sensors that allow them to react differently depending on the behaviour of their owner. They are sensitive to movement, touch, record voices to repeat them in a fun way or kiss you if you press them against your cheek.

The fingerling monkey hugs have velcro fasteners at the fingertips to attach it around your back or bag and take it everywhere with you. They are available on Robot Advance in blue or pink. Batteries are included in the delivery. This peluge is recommended for children over 6 years old.

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Site Reference : RA_ING015
Manufacturer Reference : 3531

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Fingerlings Monkey Hugs plush for hugs all day long

Kids love hugs and we're not going to deprive them of them! These Hugs monkey plush toys (cuddly in French) are all soft and will quickly become the inseparable companion of children. Its sensory sensors and KISSTECH technology will allow it to interact with children according to their behaviour:

  • Throw her up in the air and listen to her reactions
  • Turn her around or tickle her to make her react
  • Press his left ear to record your voice, which the Fingerlings plush will repeat in a fun way
  • Press the plush against your cheek and it will give you lots of kisses, it loves to cuddle
  • Rock her to sleep with you

The batteries are included in the package when delivered and the Fingerlings Hugs plush has an on/off button in the padding to use it only when you want.


Fingerlings monkey Hugs by WowWee: features

  • Weight of article 499 g
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H) 46.4 x 13.5 x 74.9 cm
  • Manufacturer's age recommendation: 2 to 6 years and over
  • Educational value(s) of interaction with the child
  • Batteries included? Yes
  • Main material: polyester fibre filling
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