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Gloopies Toy Robot Ycoo (Random Color)

Lizard, Frog And Chameleon Robots

Gloopies are adorable animal robots that will make children fall in love with them. Toy robots that look like a lizard, frog or chameleon that your children can play with without limits. There are 6 to collect and order on Robot Advance. All shapes and colors that will be random when you place your order. Send us an e-mail to to inform us of the colour you want, we will do our best to respect your preferences.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL064
Manufacturer Reference : 88569

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Gloopies, pet robots

These adorable pet robots are reminiscent of the Hexbugs, insect robots of all shapes and colours to collect to create a real colony. Ycoo's new Gloopies toy robots are fun to collect. There are 6 of all the colours from which the children will no longer be able to separate:

Gloopies toy robots

  • The orange and green lizard robots
  • The blue and pink frog robots
  • Red and yellow chameleon robots

Be careful, whatever model you receive, the Gloopies are always hungry and you will have to feed them. Press or pull the mechanism on top of the robot to make it stick out its tongue and feed it, but with what ? Well, whatever you want to give him. The language of the Gloopies is magnetic, which allows it to catch all the small metal objects you put in front of them, such as paper clips.

Gloopies robots also make funny sounds and their backs light up in all colours, making them visible at night. Funny little toy robots that will become the best friends of the little ones in no time.

Gloopies are recommended for children over 3 years of age and require 3 LR44 batteries included in the package to operate. Contact us after your order to let us know the color and animal you want: depending on available stocks, we will send you the requested model.

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