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Dackel Dog Robot Ycoo

The Remotely Controlled Expandable Dog Robot

Dackel is the new pet that will delight the whole family. Fun, remote-controlled and above all extensible with its accordion body, the Dackel dog robot will quickly become your children's best friend. This robot dog has nothing to envy to the real ones: he is remote controlled but can also follow his master, run after the ball or even follow the movements of your hands. A high-tech toy robot that will never cease to amaze you and with which children will be able to play for many years to come.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL070
Manufacturer Reference : 88570

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Dackel, the extensible dog

The robot dog Dackel is certainly cute but also extensible, very extensible. His accordion body can stretch 40 centimetres, which will allow him to go everywhere but also to create fun interactions with children when he chases after his ball. Dackel can run after a ball that can be used as a remote control: choose to direct it from a distance or let the dog run after his "baball". This is only one of the many interactions that this robotic dog offers:

  • His body lies down when he's happy
  • He can follow his master like a real dog
  • He reacts to hand movements
  • Magic bullet: he's after her
  • His magic ball also serves as a remote control! 
  • 1 touch sensor to make it react and move by caressing it!
  • He shakes his tail and his tongue when he's happy!
  • Sound and light effects 

Many possibilities of games for children who will become inseparable from their new robot. An ideal gift that will please the youngest for a successful Christmas or birthday! The Dackel dog is recommended for children over 5 years old and needs 7 batteries not included (5 AA for the robot and 2 AAA for the remote control) to operate.

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