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Hexbug Nano Habitat Elevation

Hexbug Nano
Trap your Hexbug Nano in a downward spiral with Elevation! A circuit on 2 levels, with trajectories totally crazy!

And to complicate the escape of your specimens, the circuit includes two one-way swinging doors! Drop your rare specimens included in your diabolical circuit and enjoy!
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Site Reference : RA_HEX037
Manufacturer Reference : 477-1320

Out of stock

This labyrinth series where corridors are connected altogether as if it was a racing circuit is now available! Create crazy paths, bet on the Nano specimen will be first out of the labyrinth.

Release your creatures in this customized arena and you are ready for a terrible fight!

Your customized racing environments, your own game rules and a lot of fun! To be consumed without moderation, alone or with your friends.


• 2 Hexbug Nano rare specimens (batteries included)
• 4 easy connect hexagon pieces
• 14 easy connect curved pieces
• 11 easy connect straight pieces
• 16 scaffolding
• 2 gates GO/STOP
• 1 spiral (from 5 pieces)

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