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Toy Robots

Toy robots are a small revolution in the world of toys and open the field of possibilities for children as much as for their parents: fun, creative, surprising and for many endearing. The emblematic toy robot brands are redoubling their efforts to offer you ever more efficient robots from year to year, with which your children can spend time and finally create real moments of play.


For 10 years, Robot Advance has been looking for innovative toy robots that children love and will please them: programmable, remote-controlled or even to be built for children of all ages already familiar with these new toys or for whom this robot will be the first experience. Are you looking for other robots? Check out our section on educational robots, some of which can be used both in class and at home.


Toy robots


Robot Advance offers a selection of toy robots of all types such as the new Ycoo brand and its programmable or remote-controlled Junior 1.0 or OP One robots but also its robots of all colours that can be combined with each other so that your children can have fun together and create real moments of sharing. For younger children, find in the Silverlit toy robots section toys to wake up like the octopus, Hoopy and even helicopters or drones for the first takeoff of your children.


In this section you will find robots for children, girl and boy, with which they can have fun all year round. To offer or to offer in any circumstances: a robot for Christmas or birthdays, it is a sure thing! 

Ycoo Toy Robots

Toy Robots Ycoo

Programmable, remote-controlled and intelligent toy robots

Ycoo is a Silvelit toy brand that regularly offers new affordable technological robots to entertain children of all ages. Remote-controlled, programmable and intelligent robots that can interact with each other and offer children memorable moments of play.

Whether animal, humanoid or futuristic robots, they are equipped with sensors or technologies that create behaviour or the robot can act in a fun way. Ycoo toy robots are very interactive robots that allow children and robots to develop a beautiful complicity.

Toy Robot Silverlit

Toy Robot Silverlit

Maze Breaker, Pokibot, Macrobot, Yobot and more !

In 2017, Silverlit arrives with a new robot offer that will make talk about it!

Ultra-modern and adapted to the market, a range of 6 robots with ultra-technological features and artificial intelligence is on the market.


Toy Robots LEGO®

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, LEGO® DUPLO®, LEGO® Power Functions and LEGO® Technic

Que vous soyez débutant ou plus expérimenté en jeux de constructions, vous trouverez le robot LEGO® qui vous va ! Construisez des voitures, grues et chargeuses télécommandées avec LEGO® Technic, boostez leur puissance avec les moteurs et batteries LEGO® Power Functions ou mettez sur pied, avec le kit programmable LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, un robot intelligent contrôlable à distance !

WowWee Toy Robot

Toy Robots WowWee

MIP robots, Miposaur, Robosapiens and more !

WowWee is well-known for offering years on years toy robots which are at the cutting edge of technology: autonomous, programmable and as intelligent as real domestic pets!
Dinosaur robots, humanoids or zombies from the latest generation, remote-controlled with hand or with your smartphone, you will have fun for many years!

ZOOMER Robot Toys

Dog-Robots Zoomer

Your new domestic animal !

Those adorable dog-robots, cats and dinosaurs will become quickly domestic animals, funny and endearing; they will move completely autonomous, copy natural moves and interact with you thanks to recorded vocal commands!
Whether it is for children or adults, those technologic toy robots will be more faithful than real domestic animals.


Toy-Robots Hexbug

Play with fishes and insects

Find on Robot-Advance the Hexbugs robots with those can play young and older people! Fish-robots, crab, spider or insect can react to their environment (sound, light, water, touch…) to interact with you and even move in a hilarious way !

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