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HEXBUG is a colony of crazy insects toys ready to invade your home! HEXBUG robot toys react to sound, light, touch, moves, they are hilarious and will surely surprise you!

Discover the Original Hexbug, Hexbug Crab and Hexbug Larva for their sensors and their autonomous behavior! For fans of remote controlled robot toy, the Hexbug Inchworm & Hexbug Spider are unavoidable! For speed freaks, the Hexbug Ant and Hexbug Scarab rant at full speed ! As for the HEXBUG Nano and their habitat, find them all in our category Hexbug Nano!

Hexbug Nano


Phosphorescent circuit !

Don’t wait any more and discover the original version of the Hexbug micro-robots: Nano. Today replaced by the latest generation, excellent accessories still exist for the insect robots: slot the pieces as you want and realize all kind of phosphorescent circuits on which will move your vibrating Hexbug Nano.

Hexbug Inchworm


The inchworm robot

Are you playful? Then is insect robot Inworm by Hexbug is made for you! This remote-controlled toy available in 5 different colors moves like a real caterpillar. Navigate alone or with someone else thanks to its multiplayer function. Take control of this toy robot and have fun: try it and adopt it !

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