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Idler Bearing Set Robotis HN11-I101

Idler Bearing Set Robotis For Dynamixel XL 430

HN11-I101 is the standard idler bearing set for Dynamixel XL 430 series. This idler bearing is connected to the opposite side of the output shaft of Dynamixel X, and can be used to assemble the hinge frame on it. Patented hollow structure enables this set to be assembled with Dynamixels without screws.

Consult the Robotis compatibility table HERE

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Site Reference : RA_GEN107
Manufacturer Reference : 903-0265-000

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8,90 €

HN11-I101 idler bearing Robotis : compatibility

  • Dynamixel frame: FR12-H101K Set, FR12-H103GM Set, FR12-G101GM Set
  • Not compatible with AX, MX, XH430 and XM430 series.

How to use it?

  • Unlike XH/XM430, the hollow structure can be assembled without disassembling the Dynamixel housing. 
  • Unlike the XH / XM430, the hollow cable can be mounted without removing the Dynamixel housing.

idler bearing HN11-L101 Robotis

  • Idler (HN11-i101) 1
  • Idler Cap (HN11-i101) 1
  • Bolt (PHS M3*5) 1
  • * Hinge frame not included
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