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Insectbot Hexa Arduino DFRobot

An Arduino Based Walking Robot Kit For Kids

The insectbot DFRobot is an affordable, fun and easy to create robot that will allow children to become familiar with electronics and robotics. This Hexa walking robot dedicated to children and based on Arduino also aims to familiarize the youngest with the basic principles of the platform. DFRobot's Hexa insect robot is of second generation and therefore more powerful than the previous one.

The Insectbot Hexa has six legs and three high-quality 9g micro-servos. It works with 4 AAA batteries

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Site Reference : RA_DFR010
Manufacturer Reference : KIT0090

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Shipped within 2 to 8 Days
44,90 €

Insectbot Hexa DFRobot : robot based on Arduino for children

The Hexa insect robot has six legs and a larger structure than the previous generation: 15% larger in size and 20% heavier in weight. A difference that makes the Arduino Hexa robot the most powerful generation in the history of the Insectbot. This robot to be created is equipped with three high quality 9g micro servos and four AAA batteries,


Insectbot Hexa Arduino by DFRobot

DFRobot has completely rethought the code of the robot Insectbot Hexa to make it more intelligent in its movements and in its ability to avoid obstacles. The codes are not more difficult to read and it is still possible to program the Insectbot Hexa with the simplified Ardublock language. A graphical programming language that will allow you to fine-tune the Hexa robot. 

The new Insectbot Hexa V2 uses Beetle BLE (the smallest Arduino bluetooth 4.0) instead of Beetle, which supports programming and wireless communication. Explore many more possibilities with Bluetooth 4.0!

Features Beetle BLE

  • ATmega328@16MHz
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BT 4.0)
  • Micro USB port
  • Super Compact Size
  • Support Bluetooth HID and ibeacon
  • Compatible with all DFRobot Bluno Series
  • Support Wireless Programming

Hexa robot insect programmable on Arduino: Necessary tool and NOTE

The tools necessary for the creation and assembly of the DFRobot Hexa robot are the following:

  • Soldering iron
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Clamp

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is an error with the images in the current edition of the instruction booklet. DFRobot must correct this error in the next instruction booklet edition, however, the error may still be present in your instruction booklet.

Hexa Arduino DFRobot Error

Insectbot Hexa DFRobot : Resources

  • MCU module Beetle BLE x1
  • 9g Micro Servo x3    
  • GP2Y0A21 IR range sensor x1
  • IR sensor bracket x1
  • 2xAA battery holder x2
  • Components packages x1
  • USB cable x1
  • Assembly Manual x1
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