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JBL Partybox 1000 Speaker

Portable Evening Speaker: Light Effects

The JBL Partybox 1000 is a powerful evening speaker with light effects throughout the facade. It is the perfect venue to host your dancing or karaoke evenings. This JBL speaker is equipped with high quality sound that will allow you to enjoy authentic audio experiences. 

The total power of the Partybox 1000 is 1100 watts. It is versatile and can work with a guitar, microphone or mixer. This version of the JBL baffle is the most powerful in the PartyBox range.

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Site Reference : RA_TIL543
Manufacturer Reference : HA-JBLPARTYBOX1000EU

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Partybox 1000 by JBL: the evening speaker

As part of JBL's PartyBox range, the Partybox 1000 speaker is the most powerful speaker in the range. It can be connected with a guitar, microphone, mixer or other JBL speakers to amplify the sound. This speaker is available in a mobile version JBL PartyBox 300 with an 18-hour battery life.

To operate, this speaker requires a 220 V mains plug. A large handle makes it easy to carry. The Partybox 1000 has two 17.78 cm midrange speakers, one compression tweeter and one 30 cm bass speaker.  

In addition to its handle, this JBL speaker also has a transport wheel. Its USB port will allow you to connect it to any mobile device. 



Highlights of the Partybox 1000

  • The Partybox 1000 speaker has a maximum power of 1100 W.
  • It is equipped with accessories to facilitate its movement (handle and transport wheel).
  • It is compatible with a movement detection bracelet using BLE technology.
  • It has captivating lighting effects.
  • It can stop automatically.
  • It has a karaoke function, but it is also possible to connect equipment such as guitar, microphone, etc.
  • Its light weight makes it easy to move around.
  • It is not very cumbersome.
  • It allows you to host evenings in large spaces.

The speaker comes with a quick start guide, warranty card, safety plug, AC power cord and JBL motion detection bracelet.

JBL Partybox 1000: technical specifications

  • Power supply inputs: 100 to 240 V AC
  • Input ports: RCA L/R, USB port, aux. input 3.5 mm, mic/guitar with volume control
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth DJ Pad technology
  • Motion detection bracelet using BLE technology
  • Output ports: RCA L/R
  • TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for connecting up to two evening speakers via Bluetooth
  • Bass Amplification 
  • Frequency response: 30Hz-20kHz (-6dB)
  • Transducers: 1 compression speaker, 2 7" midrange speakers, 1 12" downward directed bass speaker
  • Product dimensions (W x D x H) 397 x 390 x 390 x 1,050
  • Product weight alone: 34.7 kg
  • 1100W Max!
  • Partybox 1000 Speaker
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card
  • Safety data sheet
  • Power cord
  • JBL Motion Detection Bracelet
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